What's New in enlighten 4

Thursday, February 07, 2019

We’ve launched the latest release of enlighten—the web-delivered geoportal that connects business-critical information across corporate applications—and we’re pleased to share the latest enhancements.
From user-configurable profiles and dynamic content refreshing to an augmented trace network and multi-device continuity, this latest release includes many user-requested improvements and represents thousands of hours of effort. The results are a substantial step forward for the solution.
Enriched user experience
The enlighten user interface has been enhanced with new functionality including dynamic content refreshing and floating task panes so users can efficiently interact with and analyse data. Multi-device continuity allows users to save session states and continue use on other devices. Extended redline performance and markup tools, redesigned search forms and improved data editing extends functionality so the overall user experience is improved.
Enhanced enterprise features
Improvements to existing functionality include the redline notification framework, an augmented network trace with embedded shut-off block calculation, storage and the ability to run a pre-defined trace. In addition, the user permission management and system configuration has been extensively reworked so the administration load, with respect to managing the system and end-to-end data flow, is greatly reduced, easing deployment and interaction throughout the enterprise.
Updated technology platform
Enlighten 4.0 is rounded out with technical improvements incorporating the removal of ColdFusion and legacy components and extended network trace functions featuring a web API.
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