Introducing the As-Constructed Design Certification Forum

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Interested in what others are doing about their CAD standards and getting CAD data into GIS? We've created a group discussion space where you can view, participate and learn what others are doing.

It’s widely acknowledged that establishing CAD standards, the set of guidelines that forms a common framework for construction drawings, improves workflow efficiencies and data accuracy. But many organizations are still working with incomplete standards or even operating without them at all.

Does this sound familiar? Does your organization have an established standard? Is it enabling an efficient plan check process, and is it sufficient for getting good data into your GIS? As a leader in geospatial engineering solutions, we see our customers and partners struggling with this every day. To address this challenge, we’ve set-up a space to share ideas around CAD standards and best practices on the social education platform,, and we invite you to join us there.

Click the following link to be taken directly to the As-Constructed Design Certification Forum. There you will find a variety of model CAD standard samples in addition to a short survey that will help us identify the specific pain points that members are facing. You are invited to review standards from others, ask questions or provide details on what you are doing that is working. There's no obligation and participation is completely free.

We are excited to get this conversation started and help you find your way to the CAD standard that works best for your organization.